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Redrawing Territorial Boundaries in Europe? Peripheral Nationalism in Comparative Perspective


Research objectives and content

Is peripheral nationalism on the rise in European polities? My research investigates continuity and change in the strategies of parties advancing claims of nationhood for territorial minorities in Europe post-war period. The project studies how ideas of belonging evolved around three main elements +national models of integration and pluralism, migration waves and the relaunching of European integration. The project seeks to explain different styles of political mobilisation, strategies and goals attached to claims of nationhood and focuses on regional political organisations in three European countries: France, Spain and Italy.

Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)

I seek to contribute to the understanding of the origins, strategies and significance of these parties in comparative perspective. An institutional approach such as the one adopt in this project can advance our knowledge on the rise and prospects of new claims of nationhood and illuminate the opportunities and constraints of institutional recognition of territorial minorities at the European level. My expectation is to complete a book and publish a series of articles. I expect to receive significant training from Ercomer.

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