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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Cp violation and new physics in b decays


Research objectives and content
The objective of this proposal will be to prepare the ground for disentangling effects of possible new physics in the decays of B mesons. In the near future, new data from the B factories will be available and so an analysis of this kind will be necessary. The study will cover specially supersymmetric extensions of the standard model (including minimal and non-minimal extensions) but also other models beyond the standard model (two-higgs, left-right symmetric, etc). A great emphasis will be given to the intrinsec uncertainties of the standard model predictions. Our general framework will be the use of effective lagrangians, whose coefficients encode the relevant contribution coming from new physics. Training content (Objective, benefit and expected impact)
The analysis of the new results from B factories to find the first signal of new physics is our objective. This is one of the most important problems in high energy physics. From my personal point of view I will train in the phenomenology of extensions of the SM, working with A. Masiero, one of the world experts, and his collaborators.
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