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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Collective excitations in heavy ion reactions - multiphonon states


Research objectives and content
There is disagreement between experimental Coulomb inelastic cross section for Double Giant Dipole Resonance (DGDR ) and standard model calculations. By introducing anharmonicity and non-linearities in the external field and taking into account other double phonon states in the DGDR region the inelastic cross section gets very close to the experimental values. To extend the previous work we want to check within an analytic model the validity of the approximations introduced so far. We want also to include the contribution of the nuclear part, which is important at 50- 100 MeV/A. Furthermore, we want to apply this framework to other systems like deformed nuclei or nuclei far from the stability line.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The scope of the proposal is to enlarge the collaboration by involving people of Nuclear Physics Departrnent in Sevilla who are working in related fields. A long term visit in Sevilla will benefit both the applicant and the Spanish colleagues because in such time | the sharing of the expertise will enlarge the knowledge and the deep understanding of the problems studied.
The present proposal links two groups working in less favoured regions: Andalucia and Sicilia. This common project will certainly promote further development in the research activities which they are already carrying on.
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