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Paleoproductivity and sedimentary fluxes on the Portuguese margin - a sedimentological input


Research objectives and content The main objective of the applicant 6 months period-stay at the Marine Geology Department of the Geological and Mining Institute (IGM-DGM), is the sharing of knowledge acquired for the last years among leading work teams (Cambridge IOS-DL, SOC) with the host institution paleoceanography group, lead by Dr. Fatima Abrantes. Particular objectives are as follows: Collaboration and co-supervision of projects focused on the Iberian Margin, area of specialization of the applicant during her PhD thesis, at the Univ. of Cambridge. Several papers recently published synthesise this work (see CV). Shared work and published joined papers prove the previous strait collaboration, still in course, between the applicant and the DGM (see CV). The presently applied grant would provide an opportunity to collaborate on an ongoing project as well as consolidate future projects. Laboratory training and advise in techniques related to grain size analysis for young researchers of the Host Institution. Scientific support in the selection of quality and organization of abstracts into subjects for the VI International Paleoceanography Conference, a prestigious multi-disciplinary meeting for the paleoceanographers community, to be hold in Lisbon in 1998 by the host department. The applicant belongs to the conference executive committee.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact) Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)


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