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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Study of rhizosphere - pedogenetic and nutritional aspects in marginal stony soils


Research objectives and content
This project concerns the study of physico-chemecal and biochemecal characteristics of the rizospheric zone of stony soils with the aim to define the radical influence in pedogenetic and nutricional processes. The innovative aspects are the examination of the >2mm soil fraction in the study of the rhizosphere and the use of a natural marker that allows to recognise the soil zone affected by the roots (yellowish material surrounding the roots! The aims of the project can be summarised as it follows: -to study the effects of the soil-root interactions on the pedogenentic processes -to disclose the chemical physical and rnineralogical properties of the rhizosphere here considered as fine earth plus rock fragments -to compare the properties of the rhizosphere with those of the bulk soil -to evaluate the potential productivity of the soils developed on the tephra deposists of the Mount Etna -to evaluate the modification due to thefife Genista aetnensis in view to use it as a ameliorative plant in countries affected by dessertification The samples will be collected from cones of different age on the flanks of Mount Etna (Sicilia-Italy) from soils non vegetated an soils with herbaceaus and aborescent vegetation (Genista aetnensis). From each soil the samples will be collected by horizons and at different distance from the roots based on the coloration imposed by the roots
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
This project will contribute to understand the effects of the roots on the soil fine and coarse fractions. The findings will provide information about the alteration and nutritional processes. All in all, the results will allow a better use of soils often regarded as poor soil and could be helpful in the reclairning of soils affected by desertification Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)

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