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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Corrosion wear of electrodeposited composite coatings containing submicron particles of interest for unlubricated engineernig applications and inmicroelectronic


The objective of this project is to gain a better understanding of the tribocorrosion behaviour of two types of advanced electrolytic coatings namely composite nickel coatings containing either SiC or diamond particles. That understanding will be derived from sliding tests performed in artificial sea water to which selected chemicals will be added in order to reduce the electrochemical dissolution of the coatings and to enhance the wear resistance by inducing tribochemical reactions at the contacting surfaces. The novelty of the project lies in the fact that the nickel composite coatings to be investigated contain submicron particles which have not yet been introduced in industrial practice.
This research project will permit the development of experimental techniques suitable for the performance of electrochemical measurements during sliding tests, and result in the development of a model allowing the quantitative prediction of wear and corrosion rates of composite coatings in sliding contacts. By the other hand, this research project will demonstrate the possibility to codeposit large amounts (at least 1 wt %) of submicron SiC and diamond particles homogeneously distributed in electrolytic nickel coatings. and generate data on the wear corrosion behaviour of such coatings in unlubricated solutions.
The reduced friction, wear and corrosion resulting from the development of advanced composite coatings will contribute to a saving of energy a material conservation, and a reduction in the use of polluting lubricants.

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