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Phase transitions and the exact renormalization group


Research objectives and content
The exact renorrnalization group will be applied to the non-perturbative study of phase transitions in high temperature field theories. The formulation of the effective average action will be used, which has been shown to resolve the problem of infrared divergences in such investigations. The chiral phase transition for QCD with three quark flavours will be studied. The results will be applied to the question of chiral symmetry restoration in heavy ion collisions. The same method will be employed for the calculation of the tunnelling rate in first order phase transitions through the definition of an appropriate coarse 'rained free energy. The derivation of an exact renormalization group equation for supersymmetric field theories is another research objective. It will permit the non-perturbative study of supersymmetric field theories at zero and non-zero temperature.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The Return Grant Vill allow the integration of the applicant into the research activities of his country of origin. The applicant's expertise matches the re search interests of the theory team at the University of Athens. The chosen topic constitutes a logical continuation of the previous research activities of the applicant and will preserve and solidify the links with leading Universities in Europe.
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