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Determination of foodweb structure in aquatic ecosystems by combined use of stable isotopes, fatty acids, and organic pollutants as tracers


Research objectives and content
In an initial step the structure of two lake ecosystems will be described and modelled by combined use of stable isotopes and fatty acids, an approach not fully evaluated to my knowledge. Second, lipid quantity and quality in the biotic and abiotic ecosystem compartments will be analysed and related to their contents of persistent organic pollutants and added to the model. As the third step the perspective in the study will be turned around and focused on the possibilities of using the organic pollutants themselves as ecosystem tracers, a new approach that has not previously been elucidated.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
I will get training in stable isotope techniques, which are for me highly relevant, making my possibilities as a professional very favourable for continuing this type of research. As the know-how in this field at my institute is limited I hope to become an asset for my home department when I return.
Links with industry / industrial relevance
There are demands for detailed descriptions of the environmental consequences following, or in connection to industrial or construction activities. Good methods for performing these descriptions are of highest importance. The projects improvements of methods will contribute to this and also for management of industrial production.


LA1 4YQ Lancaster /High Bantham
United Kingdom