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Longterm Strategy of some multinationals towards European Integration


Research objectives and content:

The project consists of a diachronic study of the attitude of a selected sample of American and European multinationals, towards European integration. This research focuses on a long period, covering the last fifty years, the entire duration of post-war European integration. The study focuses on European and American multinationals established in five different countries: Belgium, France, Great Britain, Luxemburg, and the Netherlands. The choice of these multinationals allows a comparative study to be made, associating the following criteria: analysis by country, by sector, by nationality. The methodology employed allies both knowledge from the "Business History" school concerning the history of multinational enterprises, and the economic theory on multinationals (Microeconomy) and also the factors of European integration (Macroeconomy). This transdisciplinary perspective gives to this research a particular originality. The study of the strategy of the multinationals chosen uses mainly on the attitude they adopted at critical moments during the post-war era of European integration.

Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)

The research envisaged thoroughly investigates a particular aspect of my PhD, the writing of which will be completed by June 1998. The research will enable a scientific report to be produced of out one hundred pages, likely to be of interest to both the multinationals concerned and also European political and administrative bodies responsible for defining European industrial and the concurrence policies. The scientific report shall be published in a book edited by Peter Lang (Bern) under the direction of Professor Eric Bussihre, who is due to receive me at the University d'Artois (Arras).

Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)

The planned study will lead to an understanding of factors of convergence or divergence between EC industrial policy and the multinationals choices of investments. It will question the longstanding adequacies or inadequacies of European member states' industrial policies and that of the EC.

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Rue Du Temple