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Selecting a Uniform Electoral System for the European Parliament


Research objectives and content

Research training proposal of Annemarie ter Veer Selecting a uniform electoral system for the European Parliament


With the purpose of selecting a uniform electoral system for the European Parliament, the project compares the election rules in member states of the European Community (EC) and the methods of apportioning seats. Initially, these rules and methods will be analysed by the features of their outcomes in game theoretical models of European parliamentary elections. Subsequently, the rules and methods with the most attractive features will be compared by means of their mathematical properties and by means of empirical material. The project will provide policy recommendations concerning the suitability of election rules as uniform rules for the election of the European Parliament and concerning appropriate methods of apportionment. Furthermore, the project studies the effect of the implementation of the most suitable election rule(s) and method(s) of apportionment on the present distribution of seats in the European parliament.

Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)

Objective: to deepen the candidate's knowledge in her own field of research (social choice, game theory and political theory) and to develop her capacities concerning applied research. The candidate will greatly benefit from the multidisciplinary expertise at an outstanding and international institute such as THEMA (second best research group in economics in France).


Regular meetings with the supervisor, J-F. Laslier, whose research is closely related to the project;
participation in two weekly seminars on public economics, social choice, game theory, ethics and philosophy and political science;
group work at THEMA (in particular the INTAS project "Measurement and Aggregation of Preferences").

Expected impact:

a multidisciplinary, theoretical and applied approach to the research problems in the project.

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Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


Université de Paris X (Paris-Nanterre)
33 Boulevard Du Port
95011 Cergy-pontoise