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Content archived on 2024-06-12

The analysis of compact supernova remnants -csnr - and their impact on star formation regions and active galactic nuclei - agn


Research objectives and content
In the past few years there has been growing evidence for the existence of a new sub-class of type II supernovae, whose features suggest the presence of strongly radiative shocks, produced during the interaction of a fast ejecta with a dense circumstellar medium. However, up to now, there is very little information that allows us to verify and to constrain the theories about strongly radiative shocks. Also, crucial to this research project, is the issue of whether the CSNR are indeed a key element in the activity of AGN (as responsible for the emission of broad lines). Detailed knowledge of these peculiar supernova remnants will provide (i) constraints on theoretical models of fast, radiative shocks, (ii) enable the tracing of the formation and evolution of very massive stars, and (iii) substantiate evidence for the Starburst model for AGN. For the last point, it is essential to study CSNR and to establish their observational properties in detail, as well as to probe sources that have both a starburst and AGN activity. Leiden Observatory is one of the best places to pursue this research plane as there are strong groups of experts working on radio-active galaxies (Miley), on evolution of galaxies (Franx), the structure of galactic nuclei (de Zeew), and on star formation processes (van Dishoeck and van der Werf).
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The experience I will obtain working in the Observatory at Leiden will allow me to have a broad knowledge of radiative shocks, CSNR, AGN and starburst phenomenon. I will also improve my capability to supervise students (I will be expected to help in the supervision of the students at Leiden University). All of this research and academic experience will be of great value on my return to Spain.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
The present study will enable a better understanding of the physics of shocks. Despite being basic research, this project can have an impact in the medium/long term for applied research in the study of shocks, which is important to many industries.

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