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Analytic and numerical studies of back-reaction models in the earlyuniverse


Research objectives and content
To develop simulation methods which will allow computer calculation of back-reaction in a semi-classical approximation to quantum gravity. Back reaction is the influence of created particles on the curved space-time metric which creates them. The project will develop work already carried out by the candidate, and will study general cases such as non-conformally coupled fields, massless minimally coupled fields, and interacting quantum fields. The project will also look at a new discretisation technology developed at the host institution which preserves geometrical and topological structure with a view to testing this new technology in gravity applications.
Training content (objective, benefit ard expected impact)
. To develop high performance computing expertise through access and use of the best facilities in Ireland. . To broaden candidate's skills in core and related diciplines through interaction with active researchers in field theory, gravitation and cosmology.
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The Provost Fellows and Scholars of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin hereinafter TCD
18,Westland Row
2 Dublin