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Nanoplasmas by laser heating of clusters


Research objectives and content
Recent studies of cluster interactions in strong ultra-fast laser pulses have shown that extremely short lived plasmas on the nanoscale are produced. In particular, highly charged and fast ions as well as strong X-ray emission were observed. In this proposal, new experimental investigations of this novel, excited state of matter are suggested. Mainly, these are the size dependence of the formation process of nanoplasmas and their evolution in time, as well as the determination of the characteristic plasma parameters. Moreover, the production of nanoplasmas from metal clusters is of fundamental interest because of the initial resonantly absorbing character of the metallic clusters. The aim of these studies is to better understand the involved processes leading to the formation of hot nanoplasmas and to optimise the efficiency of ultra-fast X-ray production from the point-like cluster targets. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
From previous work the applicant has experience with metal cluster production and their resonant interaction using perturbative laser fields, as well as with the laser interaction with small molecules leading to Coulomb explosion. These will be combined in this proposal to gain knowledge about the involved processes occurring in these large clusters exposed to very strong light fields.

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