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Money, Financial Intermediation and Endogenous Business Cycles


Research objectives and content

The overall aim of the research project is to study the role of money and financial inter-mediation ingenerating and sustaining endogenous equilibrium fluctuations in sequential, Walrasian economies. An important part of the project is concerned with the formulation of an adequate model of inter-mediation institutions in competitive, inter-temporal economies. This model should capture crucial features of the interaction between savers and investors and allow studying the business-cycle implications of credit rationing and agency problems between firms and financiers. Some effort will also be devoted to the issue of expectations volatility and of the emergence of stochastic equilibria in sequential, Walrasian economies. This part of the research is intended to provide some additional theoretical foundations to the theories of endogenous equilibrium business cycles.

Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)

The two main objectives are:
(A) to obtain a deeper understanding of financial markets from a general equilibrium perspective and in presence of risk and informational asymmetries;
(B) to explore the business-cycle implications of imperfect intermediation between firms and financiers, with particular emphasis on the role played by the credit rationing in generating aggregate, endogenous fluctuations.

the quality of the research to be carried out, as well as future research, would greatly benefit from the possibility of working with Professors H. Polemarchakis, J.M. Grandmont, J.F. Mertens and C. d'Aspremont,and the active research environment at CORE.

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