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Right-Wing Extremism and Contemporary Racism: A Comparative Analysis of the Discourses of "ALLEANZA NAZIONALE" and the "FREIHEITLICHE PARTEI OESTERREICH"


Research objectives and content

The questions of racism and xenophobia are currently high on the European agenda. European institutions are encountering increasing agreement on the need to develop instruments to monitor and restrain the increase and exacerbation of racism, for example, through the monitoring of these phenomena and the proposals for anti-discrimination provisions. In order to further pursue this goal, policy makers thus need abetter knowledge of the mechanisms, causes and consequences behind the emergence of racist organisations, actions and attitudes. I propose a two-year project to chart and understand the relation contemporary racism and national political cultures and history, illustrated through an analysis of the discourses of two extreme right-wing parties, namely, the Austrian FPO and the Italian Nazionale. The aim of the research would be to investigate and uncover the mechanisms influencing the manifestation of different forms and degrees of racism and to explain these by taking account of the role of processes of communication and opinion formation in different political, social and historical contexts. This project offers a strong case for approaching the problem of racism from a qualitative cross national perspective, to supplement the predominantly quantitative studies out ethnic prejudice and racism that have thus far taken place.

Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)

This research would locate itself in the ongoing research projects of the Institute for Applied Linguistics, and other research organisations in Vienna, on issues of racism, ethnicity and politics in Austria and Europe. Training at this institute will provide support for the development of a comparative cross-national perspective on the study of racism. The work would aim to be of direct relevance to current policy discussions and proposals within different arms of the EU concerning racism and xenophobia.

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Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


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