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An Assessment of Economic and Social Well-Being of Older People: Evidence from the European Community Household Panel (ECHP)


Research objectives and content

The welfare state programmes in EU countries have aimed at reducing the risk of social exclusion among older people. However, in view of fiscal concerns policymakers in some countries are advocating cuts in basic public pensions and state's social spending. Such policy prescriptions are largely a result of policymaker's view out the level of well-being of older people. This project aims to provide a reliable assessment of the well-being of older people in all EU countries. The project will use the European Community Household Panel, which is the first Europe-wide panel survey base on a harmonised questionnaire. First, literature survey will be provided Next, we assess and compare the economic well-being of older people. We will also use an indicator of economic well-being which is more comprehensive then the money income. In the second empirical exercise we assess the social well-being of older people. Research will be done to see how different definitions of social exclusion can be operationalised. At the end we study socio-economic determinants of the well-being of older persons. It will be examined whether the well-being of older people is determined by their work history, marital status and diversity in sources of economic means.

Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)

My doctorate studies in Oxford University will allow me to work exclusively on the proposed research. The expertise, in Oxford University of research on European issues will be highly beneficial. In particular, I will benefit greatly by, working closely with Professor A B. Atkinson who has substantial research experience on issues such as reforms in the, European welfare states and measurement of poverty and inequality in European countries.

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