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Dynamics of interfaces and membranes 6


Research objectives and content
A research programmewith the purpose of doing theoretical research within the fields of physics and physical chemistry of interfaces and membranes is proposed. The systems to be studied are models of soft interfaces such as lipid monolayers, bilayers, and biological membranes. The emphasis is on the diffusion properties of these complex systems. We first develop microscopic models of lipid bilayers and then use these models to characterize numerically the tracer and collective diffusion behavior of lipids, proteins, and probe molecules. The topics include determination of microscopic diffusion mechanisms, studies of the effects of how the probes perturb the system, and the motion of probes in (laterally hetero- geneous) membranes. Of particular interest is diffusion on fluctuating interfaces and its interpretation in terms of anomalous behavior. The programmecomprises ideas of statistical (condensed matter) physics, molecular biophysics, and biophysical chemistry.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The present programmeinvolves training of the applicant to an exciting new area of research and requires his transfer to the host institution in question.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
Links with industry are established through existing and forthcoming research collaborations between the host institution and companies such as Novo-Nordisk A/S.


Kemitorvet, Building 107
2800 Lyngby