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Noise and dynamical properties of vertical surface emitting lasers - vcsels


Research objectives and content
We propose to investigate the noise and the dynamical properties of a stand-alone VCSEL when the injection-current is modulated. The appearance of a stochastic resonance (SR) is expected as a function of the noise present in the system, which will be controlled with the help of an optical feedback. The role of the transverse-mode dynamics in the presence of a SR will then be investigated. An existing model will be extended to account for the current modulation and will be analysed in detail. The final objective of this project is to better understand the role of the noise in the spatio-temporal dynamics of VCSELs in order to design a low-noise, high-purity optical source.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The objective of the applicant is to acquire a knowledge in semiconductors optics and fast optical phenomena. He believes that this will broaden his knowledge in quantum optics and nonlinear phenomena applied to a field of a growing importance in today's research and industry. The experimental know-how used for the investigation of VCSELs can be exported to a large number of other fields.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22) VCSELs are very promising in the design of a large number of applications in optical-integrated systems --e.g. in optical telecommunications, imaging and molecular sensing.


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