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Information Technology, Health and Productivity: The Role of Organisational Factors


Research objectives and content

Information technology investments often do not meet their performance objectives. The proposed research is conducted to test the hypotheses of the relevance of organisational factors as modifying the effects of IT investments.

Objective: To investigate if control at work is a fruitful explanatory variable for health, satisfaction and productivity in work environments with higher degrees of IT utilisation. If so, the advantages include that there is a large body of research to draw upon and to base interventions on.

Content: Two questionnaire studies, measuring demographic variables, control, job satisfaction, mental and physical health, would be conducted. Records of absenteeism, performance and workload would be obtained from the participating organisations. Structural equation modelling techniques would be used to analyse the relationships among those variables in work environments with varying degrees of IT-utilisation.

Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)

The proposer will receive training in areas relevant for research in the social sciences: questionnaire design, psychometrics, field studies, statistical techniques to analyse cross-sectional and longitudinal data (including advanced multiple regression techniques and structural equation modelling), relevant computer skills (including the use of computers in experimental designs), presentation of findings (including feedback reports, poster design, article writing and presentations).

Links with industry/industrial relevance (22)

The project has ongoing collaboration with several financial organisations who will receive direct feedback on the findings of the study. The research might show that a vast number of Europeans will be transferred to less healthy and less productive work environments with consequences on individual, organisational and national levels.


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