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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Las Acciones de Condena Frente a las Administraciones Publicas: Influencias Reciprocas Entre al Derecho Comunitario Europeo y los Derechos Nacionales


Research objectives and content

This research project deals with a particular aspect of the judicial review of administrative acts: the remedies for failure to act. The rule of law and the judicial protection of individual rights make it necessary that the judges can quash illegal administrative acts, but it is also necessary that illegal administrative omissions can be reviewed. Community Treaties contain a remedy for failure to act (Article 175 of the EC Treaty). This remedy poses a number of legal questions (leaocus standi, relations between judicial and executive power, judicial injunctions to the administration) that have received very different answers in the Administrative Law of continental countries. In the German legal system, it is possible for an administrative court to declare that the public administration must take an specific measure (Verpfichtungsklage), which would be unacceptable in the French (exces de pouvoir) or European systems, in which the courts can only declare that an administrative omission is illegal. This different systems are evolving (i.e. the French legislative reform in 1995, the Spanish reform of Administrative Courts, now in Parliament), because in an effective system judicial protection for individuals it must be possible to react against administrative omissions, and because the application of Community Law cannot be different in each State. The project analyses the influences between European Law and national legal systems in this evolution, and also the way in which this remedy can work best to protect individual rights and to ensure the control of administrative activities (specially when applying Community Law). Special attention is paid to the remedy for failure to act in Spanish Administrative Law.

Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)

As a grant holder, I could complete this research project, and thus write a monograph (in Spanish) and some articles (both in Spanish and German specialised reviews). Apart from this immediate results, this research work would allow me to improve my knowledge of the German and Community judicial systems in administrative matters, and that would be very important in my training process, improving my vision of Administrative law and being surely the basis of several research lines and publications in a few years. The impact of my future publications would be surely widened.

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