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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Petrology and volcanology of recent phonolite eruptions on Tenerife - Canary islands


Research objectives and content
The Teide-Pico Viejo central magma system on Tenerife has recently entered a phase of potentially hazardous phonolitic activity, reflecting the establishment of felsic magma chambers at shallow depth. Five major eruptive episodes, involving the extrusion of more than 5 km3 of phonolitic magma, have occurred within the last 15,000 years. It is proposed to document the petrology and volcanology of the recent phonolitic eruptions on Tenerife, in order to understand the petrogenesis and eruptive mechanisms of the magmas, characterise the structure, evolution and mechanical behaviour of the shallow magma system, and constrain the potential for, and nature of, possible future phonolitic activity. Field and geochronological studies will address the physical volcanology and stratigraphy of the phonolites and related products. Major, trace and rare earth element data for whole rocks, plus analyses of minerals and glass inclusions and comprehensive isotopic data, will be used to interpret the petrogenesis of the phonolites and constrain the pre-eruptive physico-chemical conditions of the phonolite magma chambers. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The research group of the host institution lead by Dr. J. Martm, is pre-eminenent in the field of volcanological research on Tenerife, and the candidate will benefit from existing collaborations between CSIC-Barcelona and several other major European research groups. CSIC-Barcelona is able to provide all facilities necessary to the proposed project, and the candidate will obtain additional analytical experience and an increased familiarity with the petrology and volcanology of Tenerife.

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