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Magnetic coupling and spin-dependent electron transport in metal/semi-conductor hetero-structures


Research objectives and content The goal of this project is to investigate the transport and magnetotransport properties of small patterned metal/semiconductor junctions. The different steps of this work will be: - the fabrication of metal/semiconductor heterostructures on well appropriate substrates - the detailed structural and magnetic characterization of these heterostructures with in situ and ex situ analysis methods - the study of the spin-dependent electron transport through the semiconductor of patterned junctions of these heterostructures. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact) The project will allow me to get training with modern experimental methods, in particular of | epitaxial growth of semiconductor material, scanning tunneling microscopy, transmission electron | microscopy and high sensitivity magnetometers. Equally important, I will acquire a knowledge in | semiconductor physics and technology and combine it with the physics of magnetic metals. Links with industry / industrial relevance (22) Industrial activities in the development of novel magnetic sensors and memories are currently restricted to spin valve and TMR junctions. This project will provide an alternative working principle which might become very important for the next generation of devices. For this reason an existing collaboration on magnetic metal-oxide tunnel junctions between the host laboratory and German industry will be extended to metal-semiconductor systems in the near future.


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