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Developing and testing of holographic imaging techniques with coherentx-rays


Research objectives and conten
The content of this proposal is the development of the Fourier in-line holography (FIH) as a new high resolution and non destructive imaging technique for hard X-rays (5-60keV). Holography with X-rays gives information about the phase contrast in the sample which is much higher than the commonly used absorption contrast (especially for light elements). The FIH technique uses a spherical reference wave causing a low spatial frequency of the interference pattern to be reconstructed. The FIH will be suitable for digital hologram recording with electronic detectors such as CCD- cameras and allows a high image resolution and at the same time a comfortable image l processing.I
The experiments are planed in the followins steps y Forming
of the reference wave by a small particle as well as a pin hole and developping and testing of the experimental setup and the image reconstruction routines. . By formation of the reference wave by a zone plate or Bragg-Fresnel lens the distances of the interference fringes are increased. The properties of the reference wave must be carefully determined because it's knowledge governs the final resolution after image reconstruction. . The last step is the application of the FIH for the determination of the three dimensional structure of a micro sample using tomographic algorithms.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
- doing research under most modern experimental conditions (work in a highly respected research facility (ESRF) as well as research group - group of Dr. A. Snigirev) - practical work with micro adjustment systems, micro focussing of X-rays and the development of fast l image processmg routines I - investigation of the
potential of the FIH for practical use in natural sciences
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