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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Refugee Diaspora Building a Transnational Europe linked to the World: Vietnamese and Sri-Lankans in the UK and France


Research objectives and content

This research is linked with a previous project supported by a TMR grant on the effects of community and individualist integration on psycho-social identity and well-being (Refugee Studies Programme, Oxford, Nov 97-Nov 98) and it is related to a RSP programme of research on transnational refugee communities. My hypothesis is that it is often the well-integrated who return to their country of origins because they have enough sociological, psychological and economical resources to move. The theoretical objective is to reconsider the concept of immigration and communities in the light of diaspora networks and to see the immigrants as active entities promoting international relations.

The content of the project Investigation:

the dynamic of the movement of people both at the individual, family and group or community, levels: who is moving, what for, what are the terms of the exchanges?

Assessment: on the socio economic effects and the human development implications of this movement and exchange of people, skills, money, information and cultural elements. Case studies and follow-up to the country of origin collecting biographies. Semi-structured interviews and socio/spacio-grammes will be used as well as comparative macrodata and socioeconomic characteristics.

Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)

Acquiring better understanding of racial/multiethnic issues Collaborating on a research project with other European researchers Producing, publications in academic outlets including journals and books. Promoting, new research approaches to migration studies Establishing, links between European and Asian institutions (for example Migration Studies Centres in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam). Enlarging, the perspective of UK sponsored research that will investigate the formation of diasporas created by refugee movements.

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