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Time-resolved structural studies of photochemical reactions by anomalous x-ray scattering


Research objectives and content
Our objective is the study of the phototdissociation dynamics in molecular systems in liquids via time resolved x-ray scattering. In contrast to conventional methods ( transient absorption, time-resolved Stokes-shift, etc.). This technique allows the direct observation of nuclear motion (bond-length) with PS time resolution. Emphasis is put on the theoretically predicted effect of the solvent configuration on bond making and breaking mechanisms in the systems mercury iodide, iodide as ion and iodide as neutral molecule in methanol. Furthermore the planned application of a jitter free streak camera extents the available resolution in the sub-ps time-domain which makes real-time observations possible.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
During the work for my diploma thesis I got used to spectroscopic techniques like transient absorption and single photon counting which were in the sub-ps and ps-range. In the group at the UJF which has a good infrastructure for research and well established cooperations with other groups I would have the opportunity to become familiar Bith other techniques and with my acquired knowledge only a short training period would be necessary.
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