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Content archived on 2024-06-11

Searching for Supersymmetry in Low Energy Electroweak Precision Data in the Framework of the MSSM and its Extensions


Researcn objectives and content

Our proposal is concetrated mainly on two particular subjects. One topic concerns the detailed quantitative study of the MSSM and its Grand Unified extensions, and the comparison of its parameters to existing precision data. A second topic is dealing with the exotic interactions that violate Lepton and / or Baryon number and do not respect it-parity. Particularly, on the first topic we plan to do higher order calculations in the electroweak observables in the framework of radiative symmetry breaking and the unification of gauge couplings. In the same framework, we will examine the "dangerous" directions of charge and colour breaking minima, including improvements on the effective potential or threshold effects which come from a Grand Unified Model or a Superstring inspired Model. On the second topic, we plan to work on a project connecting the HERA data with the it-parity violated version of the MSSM and its extensions. We plan to merge the two topics by including the above stated precision calculation of the Z-observables and of the "fatal" charge and colour directions in the it-parity violated scenario of Th~ MSSM.

Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)

My benefit from this project would be to improve my scientific knowledge of new innovative aspects of supersymmetry an field theory. I believe that this Marie-Curie project will enable me to acquire a fresh or deeper knowledge of the physics c elementary particles.

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