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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Organopalladium Derivatives of Pharmaceutical Products; Use in Synthesis of Potentially Active Drugs


Research objectives and content

In the first part, a number of natural primary amines of pharmaceutical interest will be reacted with palladium derivatives yield the corresponding cyclopalladated compounds. For this, a method developed in the group of Prof. Vicente will be used. In a second step the obtained complexes will be reacted with carbon monoxide, olefins, alkynes, isocyanides, halogens, oxygen, oxidizing agents, etc. These reactions should afford organic derivatives or insertion products. The final aim will be depalladate these last compounds and thus to obtain functionalised derivatives of the starting primary amines. According to biological activity of the starting natural primary amines, the modified amines will have potential interest concerning drug chemistry.

Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)

This research work will allow me to extend the experience I obtained during my PhD and acquire fresh knowledge in new are of great interest (palladium chemistry, synthesis of organic compounds through organometallics, the synthesis of enantiomeric pure substances). It will also permit me to learn new methods of synthesis and to approach research from a different point of view. The contact with a different type of university, culture and language will also contribute to my education as a scientist and as a European citizen.

Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)

The host group has contacts with a fine chemical industry (DERIVADOS QUIMICOS, Murcia) which has showed interest in the kind of chemistry we propose in this project. The synthesis of drugs' derivatives is of potential interest for the pharmaceutical industry.

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