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Experimental study of particle transport and deposition in pyroclastic flows and comparison with ignimbrites in Tenerife


Research objectives and content
Our project is aimed to improve our understanding of transport and deposition of pyroclastic flows . Pyroclastic flows are hot suspensions of particles in gas produced during some volcanic eruptions. They travel at high speed and represent a major threat on most volcanoes of the world. The project includes a detailed experimental study of sedimentation in particle-laden gravity currents generated in a 16 m-long flume. It will focus on the influence of variables such as flow rate, grain size and density distribution, concentration and topography. Application of the experimental results to the natural case of pyroclastic flows will pass through a sedimentologic study of ignimbrites in Tenerife (Islas Canarias). Extrapolation from the experimental aqueous system to the natural gaseous system will also require an experimental study of particle settling velocities in gaseous suspensions, for which a new apparatus will be built. The final objective is to find out unambiguous field criteria to infer the pyroclastic flow dynamics from the deposits.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
This post-dostoral research should allow me to improve and extend my skills in analogue experimental volcanology as well as my understanding of the dynamics of pyroclastic flows, which is one of the most promising issue for volcanic hazard mitigation.
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