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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Synthesis of cyclopeptides from marine origins


Research objectives and content The project consists of the synthesis of patellin 2 and trunkamide A, two cyclopeptides of marine origin, on a gram scale for the completion of medical trials. These products have not, as yet, been synthesised and are thus only available on a limited scale from natural sources. Patellin 2 and trunkamide A share a common cyclopeptide motif based upon natural rigid aminoacids, such as proline and thiazoline, and feature two unusual serine or threonine derivatives with reverse prenyl group side-chains. A solid phase approach is planned for the linear peptide, followed by either cylisation and then thioazline formation, or initial construction of the thiazoline motif followed by cyclisation. The synthesis of an aminothioacid is also required. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact) This project will involve several areas of chemistry such as organometallic, organic and peptide synthesis, wich have become of increasing interest in both pharmaceutical and combinatorial chemistry providing ideal training for an academic position in this area (for which post-doctoral experience is essential) but also offering an attractive opportunities for an industrial career Links with industry / industrial relevance (22) Two Spanish companies, Pharma Mar (a world leader in marine source metabolites) and LIPOTEC, are strongly interested in the synthesis of patellin 2 and trunkamide A, since this will allow them to complete characterisation and therapeutic studies, focusing particularly on the fight against cancer.

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