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Participation in the development of a very sensitive camera for a new generation 17 m diameter cerenkov telescope


Research objectives and content The researeh object is the the development of a high sensitivity camera for the MAGIC project, a 17 m diameter imaging air Cherenkov telescope. A new generation of air Cherenkov will be required to bridge the gap in our knowledge of the atrophysical spectrum between satellite gamma-ray measurements (up to 30 GeV) and the 300 GeV gamma-ray energy theshold of their predecessors (e.g. the 10 m Whipple Telescope). A lowering of the threshold will be achieved through larger Cherenkov light collecting mirrors and the replacement of photomultiplier (PMT) based cameras by high quantum efficiency (QE), solid state photo-sensors. The standard eamera will be based on intensified photocells with GaAsP photoeathodes read out by an avalanehe diode, giving a gain up to 24 000. With this type of eamera it is estimated to gain a factor of 3 to 4 in signal eompared to a eLasieal PMT camera Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact) The main objective will be to develop and build the eamera. Besides learning a lot about the physies of this eamera there will be lots of ways to teaeh myself in partiele physies and astrophysics. The knowledge I can gain in this project will open many possibilities for the future. Links with industry / industrial relevanee (22) This projeet is being carried out in eollaboration with firms such as Hamamatsu, whis is one the leading firms in the world.


Campus Univ. Autonoma Barcelona, Edifici Cn
08193 Bellaterra