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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Map-based cloning of the potato virus y - 'pvy' - resistance gene ry


Research objectives and content Two are the objectives of the project: first, to progress in the map-based cloning of the potato virus Y (PVY) resistance gene Ry from Solanum tuberosum; second, to address the identity of the elicitor of the Ry-mediated resistance.Ry has been mapped in the chromosome XI of the potato genome, and molecular markers closely linked to it have been found, but the mapping resolution achieved is not sufficient to attempt the cloning of the gene. A higher resolution (about 0.05 cM) of the molecular map around the gene will be attained with the screening of a 2000 individual segregating population with AFLP markers Besides, a BAC genomic library and a cosmid library will be creened in order to identify clones positive for the markers linked to Ry to start the chromosome walking in the region and to find a BAC clone which contain molecular markers placed at both sides of the gene, e.g. containing Ry. Recently an infectious full-length cDNA clone of PVY has been obtained. This will allow us to study which viral factor could interact with Ry to produce the resistant response, by two different approaches analysis of PVY mutants and expresion of different PVY genes using PVX as a vector Training content (objective. benefit and expected impact) The objective of this training is to learn the methodologies used to clone disease resistance genes and to understand the mechanisms underlying plant virus resistance. This training would be applied to attempt the cloning of the gene for resistance to citrus tristeza virus (CTV) existing in Poncirus trifoliata. Fine mapping of the CTV resistance gene is being done at IVIA. Obtaining citrus plants resistant to CTV by means of genetic transformation (genetic transformation of Citrus at IVIA is done as routine) would be extremely important to the Spanish citrus industry. Links with industry/industrial relevance (22)

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