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Characterization of an ubiquitously expressed factor involved in transcriptional regulation of the m-cell specific gene mfm 1


Research objectives and content

project, "The European Multicentre Study on Attempted Suicide" (Contract no. BMH1-CT93-1090). The scope of the proposed project, "Concerted Action on Research in Attempted Suicide in Europe", is to enlarge the ongoing research with 11 research centres, including former East-european countries, Balticum and Israel. At these centres, follow-up studies of parasuicide, as a special high risk group for further suicidal behaviour are being carried out with a view to identify social and personal characteristics predictive of future suicidal behaviour. The main objective of the proposed project is: To collect, coordinate, and analyze data from identical follow-up studies in 11 research centres, with the ultimate purpose of being able to work out guidelines and recommendations as to prevention and intervention in the field of suicidal behaviour. Data from each participating centre will be transferred to the centre in Odense, which will be responsible for pooling, processing, and analyzing the data. Key-words: attempted suicide, follow-up study, risk groups, intervention, prevention, prediction.


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