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European Network on Developing Techniques for Cooling and Trapping of Radioactive Ions


Results and achievements of this RTD project are best measured by the prototype instruments developed and constructed during the project as well as by the PhD theses and scientific publications. The prototype RF-coolers were brought fully operational at Jyvaskyla and at ISOLDE. Bunching and cooling efficiencies of 40 to 100 % could be achieved. In Leuven, significant progress has been obtained in studies of gas impurity effects on ion transport and on selective laser ionization of radioactive species. At ISOLDE tests with the REXTRAP were successfully completed and ions have been injected successfully into the EBIS for charge breeding and post acceleration at REX-ISOLDE Linac. At GSI and Jyvaskyla the construction of the double-zone superconducting Penning traps were completed in schedule. A series of theoretical simulations on ion transport in gases in collaboration with the ISOLDE, LMU Munich and JYFL teams were carried out. At GANIL design for the SPIRAL facility was continued. At LPC-Caen the construction of a transparent Paul trap for weak interaction studies was completed.

EXOTRAPS project has produced already over 60 papers in the top journals; including four articles in Physical Review Letters and one in Nature. Also training of young researchers has been an important part of the project, about 15 PhD theses are produced by the end of 2002. Major efforts on meetings and conferences organised (33 in total) has been important for developing the infrastructure for this new emerging field in Europe. The results obtained and reported in these and other meetings have had an important impact on evolution of experimental nuclear physics worldwide. One important outcome of the success of the EXOTRAPS project (being one of the first ones in Nuclear Physics in Europe) has been the generation of interest on such mode of collaborations. Several new RTD projects have been applied and approved after EXOTRAPS, especially within the 5th framework programme


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