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Content archived on 2024-06-11

Integrated Research Infrastructure in the Social Sciences


Principal characteristics of the facility and of the support offered to users:
CEPS/INSTEAD (C/I) is a unique European socio-economic research installation a.,d network which develops and runs innovative national and international comparative micro-databases
It is not only a data archive with well documented anonymised original microdata files from many countries, but also a data producer (Luxembourg Household and Firm Panel) and a comparability producer, with multinational/multilingual staff experienced in survey and panel methodology. The most important (and unique) international comparative microdatabases at CEPS/INSTEAD are rat the basic level of surveys: the Luxembourg Income Study and the Luxembourg Employment Study, and rat the more complex level of longitudinal studies a comparative database integrating national household panels in East and West (PACO-H), as well as a still experimental counterpart on firms and businesses (PACO-F). In the frame of a LSF Programme at C/I, visiting researchers would be selected and supported by experienced senior | researchers from C/l and partner institutions to do comparative work on its documented micro-databases The Centre offers opportunities to work in/on the following fields/issues in a comparative and interdisciplinary approach which focuses on similarities differences and interactive processes across space and over time
- panel/survey methodology; - income dynamics; - persistent and new poverty; - child well-being/poverty, child care; - intergenerational relations; - effects of family and redistributive policies; - family structures and change; - household budgets; - geographical and social mobility; - gender, ethnic and social inequality; - education and training; - labour market/unemployment; - regional development and structural change.
Preference is given to projects focussing on dynamic analyses based on longitudinal data, and projects contributing to the advancement of comparability. Candidates after admission, will have access to all C/I databases under the conditions required for data protection and confidentiality.
For hosting researchers on-site, C/I has individual
appartments/studios as well as office/seminar rooms with internally networked PC's and internet link.
Quantity of access being offered and number of users who may benefit: present proposal new
under 5th framework 1st year 2nd year programme for
additional years: - Number of research days
600 600
quantity of access - Number of users (average
30-40 30-40 stay: 15-20 days):
- Number of research 20-30
according to outcome of the first
two years, if proposal is successful
projects: individual proj.
2 common projects of 5 researchers each: Total: 22-32

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