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Large-Scale Facility in Neuromagnetism - Neuro-BIRCH II


Principal characteristics of the facility and of the support offered to users:
The Neuro-BIRCH II installation, with its novel 306-channel Vectorview neuromagnetometer, is unique in Europe and in the whole world. The facility, located in the Low Temperature Laboratory (LTL) of the Helsinki University of Technology, offers the highest quality equipment for MEG measurements and sophisticated software for signal analysis. Partnership with the Department of Clinical Neurosciences at Helsinki University Central Hospital provides access to a large number of neurological patients. The staff of the Brain Research Unit in the LTL (35 persons) has good expertise in all aspects of neuromagnetism and an established status as the worlds leading MEG team.
The neuromagnetic investigations aim at a better understanding of human brain functions, especially their temporal dynamics in health and in disease. Extensive studies have been carried out on brain activation associated with processing of sensory information, on the neural basis of speech perception and other cognitive functions, and on functional significance of brain rhythms. Work on different brain disorders (epilepsy, dyslexia, depression, and infarctions) is carried out as well. Our research has also extended MEG imaging to deep brain structures (cerebellum, hippocampus, and thalamus). New data analysis methods have been developed extensively, including co-registraton of MRI and MEG and integration of EEG and MEG data. Development of hardware is on the agenda, too.
Quantity of access being offered and number of users who may benefit: The Neuro-BIRCH II facility can be used for measurements 52 hours per week. In addition, operation during evenings and weekends is common. Of the total access to the installation, 18% is allocated to European scientists (estimated at 70 persons) participating in the TMR programme. The visitors will have at their disposal all state-of-the-art instruments and analysis methods in the facility and they are welcome to participate in other activities of the Brain Research Unit as well.
Frequent non-EC abbreviations used in this proposal:
BIRCH HCM programme for 1994 - 98 Neuro-BIRCH Brain research part of BIRCH Neuro-BIRCH II Short title of present TMR - LSF proposal HUT Helsinki University of Technology (Contractor) LTL Low Temperature Laboratory of HUT (location of LSF) HUCH Helsinki University Central Hospital BioMag Biomagnetic Installation at HUCH Neuromag Ltd. Finnish Manufacturing Company MEG
Magnetoencephalography (principal technique to be used) EEG
Electroencephalography MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging SQUID Superconducting QUantum Interference Device


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