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Trondheim Marine Systems


Principal characteristics of the facility and of the support offered to users:
The LARGE SCALE FACILITY for Measuring, Monitoring and Modelling of Marine Systems (FourMS) offers a range of outstanding facilities for integrated research involving marine technology and marine sciences, focusing on improvement and utilizing the advanced tools needed in monitoring of the marine environment, its resources and their sustainable use, i.e. European Commission priority topics in MAST, Environment and FAIR programmes and the themes 'Unlocking the resources of the living world and the ecosystem' and 'Marine technologies' in the 5th framework programme.
The LSF provides access to, experimental tanks: indoor ocean basin, large towing tanks, cavitation laboratory, wave mechanics tank, Coriolis tank and wave-generator tanks; some 65 biological tanks/basins; rooms for cultivation of marine organisms, supercomputing facilities, 'state of the art' telemetering buoys, special instruments and sampling gear. The LSF offers access to 3 unique natural environments (a natural mesocosm, the well-studied Trondheimsfjord and Haltenbanken), all characterized by clean coastal waters. The mesocosm and the fjord are easily accessible from seaside research/field stations and 2 research vessels.
Research visitors to the LSF will be able to carry out research related to sensor platform development and testing, deployment, operation of platforms, data transfer systems platform-land, calibration and testing of physical, chemical and biological sensors, processing and treatment of data, experiments to determine model parameters and define boundary conditions, modelling of hydrodynamics, ecology and single processes; and validation, synthesis, interpretation, quality control and dissemination of data.
Quantity of access being offered and number of users who may benefit: The LSF offers 96* person-months per year to the TMR programme; in three years 288 person-months.
This will benefit 32 users per year, each spending on average 3 months per year at the LSF and, correspondingly, 96 users in 3 years.
* 1 person-month equals 22 person-days


46,Bynesveien 46
7018 Trondheim