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Content archived on 2024-06-12

The British Library of Political and Economic Science


Principal characteristics of the facility and of the support offered to users:
The European Union Social Science Information Research Facility (EUSSIRF) will combine the specialist strengths of the BLPES and EUI to develop a facility to provide improved access to social science researchers in Europe to major library collections and related information resources. Together the complementary collections of both libraries will offer wide ranging resources for the investigation of European issues. Access to the academic environment of LSE and EUI, two leading centres of European social science research, will also stimulate and contribute to the quality of visitors' research.
The project will be managed by BLPES, being accountable for the delivery of agreed, high-quality services and responsible for the overall strategic direction of the facility. The EllI will act as supporting partner. Research visits will be offered to socio-economic researchers to enable them to visit one or both partners of the facility and exploit their information resources. Special attention will be paid to informing researchers in less favoured areas of the EU about the facility. Support will be provided by a dedicated team enabling researchers to optimise their research; time. Advanced project planning will be facilitated by access via Internet to catalogues, and to BLPES Web Page, which details library services and resources.
Visitors will be provided with dedicated study space within the facility, with access to networks and computing facilities. They will also be integrated into the activities of the European Institute at the LSE and will have access to the open seminars and conferences of the EUI. Quantity of access being offered and number of users who may benefit: It is estimated that up to 50 researchers per annum will benefit from the EU-funded support. It is anticipated that any one time there will be 3 to 4 visitors spending an overall total of between 900 and 1200 person days per annum at the facility. Over the 3 year period of the proposal this will amount to around 150 researchers for between 2,700 and 3,600 person-days

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