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High Speed Pilot Coater / Banc de Couchage à Grande Vitesse (BGV)


Principal characteristics of the facilities and of the support offered to users:
The BGV equipment of CTP is a high speed uilot coater (2000 m/mn) with on-line soft calender and supercalender off-line. It is specifically designed to perform R & D studies related to surface treatment of coated paper and board. All the newly developed coating techniques are available on the coater.
The start-up of a new soft calender with unique possibilities of pressure (525 kN/m) and temperature (270rC) will take place in July 1997. An extended nip configuration for the soft calender which is a unique device, is also studied. The pilot is also unique in view of its drying capacity: - more than 1400 kg of water per hour can be evaporated from the paper along the coater, using all presently available drying techniques: electrical and gas infrared, air flow,
- paper and coating colour can be heated to industrial temperatures. The supercalender (10 rolls - 350 kN/m - 140rC) runs off-line. The following topics can be studied: - flow behaviour of coating colour as a function of coating parameters in the different coating heads, - base paper behaviour along the coater, the soft calender and the supercalender, - coat behaviour along the coater, the soft calender and the supercalender: - drying of the coat along the machine, - soft calendering and supercalendering as a function of pressure and temperature.
European researchers will have the possibility to study at industrial scale and under well controlled conditions the physieal phenomena that take place during the surface treatment of papers and boards. The crew, the machine manager, the scientists who have been working for 12 year on the equipment will assist validly the researehers in the planning and in the performance of the trials.
The neighbouring ECOLE FRANCAISE DE PAPETERIE ET DES INDUSTRIES GRAPHIQUES which offers advaneed education in paper engineering. as well as the location of the CTP premises on Grenoble university campus offers a very favourable context for welcoming European researchers.
Quantitv of access being offered and number of users who may benefit: The BGV equipment will be made available to TMR researehers during 6 weeks each year, and during two years. A maximum of 6 teams will be accepted each year, thus leading to the availability of the equipment to 12 teams during the two years period. Each visiting team will comprise an average of 3 persons leading to about 36 visiting scientists.

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Centre Technique de l'Industrie des Papiers, Cartons et Celluloses
Domaine Universitaire
38044 Grenoble

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