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The main objective of this study is a collaborative effort of The NEUROS(exp 2) network is built by 10 partners from 5 European countries. internationally recognized research centers in Europe in the field of Within the three year period of the network the research activities will neural prostheses, to increase and improve the applicability of FES systems take approximately 306 Post-doc man-months and 132 PhD student man-months. by using closed-loop control systems, by applying natural sensors and by applying strategies for selective muscle recruitment. The developments and research efforts will be focussed on the processes of standing-up, standing and sitting- down. The research objectives can be grouped as follows: 1) 1) SENSING: Selective recording of FES feedback signals from sensory nerves, including the research topics: development of strategies and devices for selective recording of the activity of sensory nerves; development of an implantable multichannel amplifier/- telemeter; identification of nerve signals that contains potentially useful biomechanical infor- mation; development of a processing unit to detect and measure the sensory 2) CONTROL: Development of control systems for standing-up, standing and sitting- down for paraplegics, based on feedback information coming from natural sensors and sensory nerves and selective stimulation of muscles, including the following research topics: division of the standing-up, standing and sitting-down movements into distinct phases, appropriate for FES control; development of a model of paraplegics to be used for designing and tuning controllers; development of closed-loop controllers for the standing system; development of controllers for performing safe and smooth transitions of standing- up and sitting-down; development of an interface to detect the patient's intention to 3) STIMULATION: Selective activation of muscles through selective stimulation of nerves, including the following research topics: development of implantable selective neural stimulation technology;


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