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Taylored designed ceria / zirconia mixed oxides for the new generatio n of twc-like environmental catalysts


This Project is aimed at developing an in-depth basic research program on post-doctoral researchers among the Laboratories involved. The experience the textural, chemical, and nanostructural properties of ceria/zirconia mixed oxides (CeZrMO), and CeZrMO supported noble metal model catalysts. of these Laboratories in the field of TWC's, as well as the excellence level they have achieved in a large variety of chemical, spectroscopic, From our results, the next generation of Three Way Catalysts (TWC's), the nanostructural and catalytic testing techniques will give the young one fitting the requirements established in Phase 3 (1999) of the EU scientists an unique opportunity of being trained by Research Teams Regulation on the exhaust emissions from motor vehicles, would be designed occupying leading positions in their respective expertises.
on much firmer scientific basis.
Our Project brings together Rhone-Poulenc, one of the largest world producers of rare earth oxides, as well as eight academic teams, with a long previous experience in the field, and reputated expertise in very powerful, highly complementary experimental techniques. The application of such a battery of techniques in the framework of a Joint Research Program with common well defined targets, and standardized experimental procedures would highly potentiate the intrinsic usefulness of any individual project to be developed on the subject.

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