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Strong priority will be on mutual training through the exchange of coworkers in specific collaborations and joint experiments. The gene transcription. Among the various proteins involved in this process, organization of informal meetings on a regular basis, the participation on recent interest has focussed on general transcription factors and accessory factors (coactivators and repressors), which are widely high level meetings, intellectual exchange, sharing of ideas and results - considered to hold the key for an understanding of regulation of facilitated through good electronic communication systems will contribute to the training of young European researchers.
transcription through gene-specific activators. Here we propose to investigate basal mechanisms of gene regulation. The seven participating Complementary know know-how systems, organisms and instruments, laboratories are entirely committed to unraveling the general principles specifically the combination of yeast genetics and various tools and governing transcription, but study different organisms (yeast and techniques of biochemistry and molecular biology, will allow effective and mammals), work with different factors, and combine complementary know how. successful training. A reasonable but still manageable number of participants (7), whose research interest are close enough, will ensure Objectives are:
(i) the understanding of the mechanisms of function of activators through and has already begun to establish real collaborations. We anticipate that basal factors, coactivators and repressors
this network could provide an alternative to American laboratories for (ii) characterisation of basal factors with focus on RNA polymerase II European graduate students in the future.
(iii) development of novel in vivo and in vitro transcription systems accessible to rapid mutagenesis (i.e. yeast/mammalian chimaeras) The structure of a network appears as a suitable instrument in a field that - also due to its intrinsic complexity - has expanded dramatically in the recent years, and is still dominated by American laboratories, to (i) strengthen individual European laboratories and to (ii) envison global goals out of range for a single laboratory.

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