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Inter-european terahertz action


The group enjoys SME participation and strong industrial support across The Network aims to develop new technologies in the area of terahertz frequency (100 Ghz - 10 Thz) electronics. For this purpose the programme the EC. The Network Programme will provide excellent training draws together Electronic Engineers, Materials Scientists, Semiconductor opportunities across a range of areas, since the work proposed is inter-disciplinary in nature. Fellows will gain experience in: Physicists, Quasi-Optics Specialists and Microwave Engineers from semiconductor and superconductor device design and processing, Industry, Universities and Research Organisations across the EC toe develop new technologies. The group will exploit these advances in electromagnetics, waveguide circuit design, micromachining. quasi-optical commercial areas of communications, surveillance and remote sensing, in measurements, plus the underpinning physics of this work. Secondment addition to the traditional specialised scientific application areas of periods in industry are also proposed.
astronomy and spectroscopy. The development of genuinely low-cost, mass-producible systems is an important objective of the Network's mission.
We have identified five crucial areas at the interface of Physics and Electronic engineering in the development of Thz technology. * Development of standardised methods for characterising and testing materials components and systems for Thz applications.
* Tune able cw and pulsed solid state Thz sources, of which the most advanced are the quasioptical hot hole lasers
* Passive devices: Modelling and development of micromachining for low-cost fabrication.
* Active solid state components to provide sources, detectors, mixers and amplifiers that are integratable into practical circuits largely using III-V technology.
* Highly sensitive superconducting devices as mixers and detectors. Each of the above areas will be pursued within an individual workpackage.

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