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Algebraic K-Theory, Linear Algebraic Groups and Related Structures


Algebraic K-theorie is a young but well established and highly This project offers an exchange program consisting of 294 post-doctoral fellowships, which shall be supported by additional funds for the interdisciplinary area in pure mathematics. Using methodical approaches from algebra and topology, it has many beautiful applications. It allows organization of accompanying conferences, summer schools and workshops, and for mutual short term visits. Every team of this network would be to study many different types of structures like manifolds, schemes, enabled to receive young scientists from another European country. All quadratic forms and their automorphism groups. Thereby it often not only gives new insight into the subject but also provides a deeper network teams are guided by experienced senior scientists, who are among the leading in there fields, working in well established groups, usually understanding of "classical" results. The theory of linear algebraic groups has a similarly universal nature, as it allows to understand a wide area of with many scientific guests, in mathematics departments with elaborated related algebraic structures under a unifying perspective, because the training programmes including lectures, seminars, workshops, on the algebraic groups occur as automorphism groups of these structures. Examples doctoral and post-doctoral level. Hence visiting post-doctorals and other of such structures are quadratic od Hermitian forms and Azumaya algebras, staff working on the project are guaranteed to receive optimal training in an academic environment.
which each have formed their own mathematical culture.
All these disciplines are closely related in various aspects and they are vivid fields in the sense that they produce an abundance of stimulating and fascinating problems.
It is the main objective of this proposal to bring together the expertises of these fields in order to promote their research significantly by mutual benefit,and, in particular, to attract young researchers at the postdoc level into this broad area by international exchange and intensive training.

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