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Electromagnetic interactions in tunnelling


Following a 'recruitment fair' at the Networks kick-off melting the The overall objective is to combine the ultra-high (up to atomic level) spatial resolution of scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) with (excellent) successful postdoctoral researchers will be trained in scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) including, crucially, the design/construction/modification optical spectral resolution. The purpose is to probe, at a fundamental level, inelastic electron transitions involving the emission/absorption of novel optical STM heads (NB not just equipment usage). Longer term work periods in at least one other participant's laboratory (and shorter visits) photons in a variety of samples; or to put some 'real colour' into STM images. In essence, to use STM to perform the localised addressing of will ensure good exposure to a broad range of a)samples and materials individual nano-entities - atoms, molecules, quantum dot structures, preparation, b) characterisation methods, c) interactions with senior nano-wires, and localised oscillators to yield optical information scientists and d) laboratory environments, including industrial. characteristic of quantum transitions in those entities; to then use this Communications and organisational skills will be developed through eg data to examine existing theoretical models and improve understanding of production of a newsletter, assistance in running Network Workshops and establishing and maintaining an informative www site.
fundamental quantum physics phenomena. The preliminary objective is then to construct, throughout the Network, an array of optical STM instrumentation designed to examine a range of technologically important materials on the nanoscale, across a spectral from the visible to the microwave. Specific goals targeted are molecular scale spectroscopy, magneto-optical interactions on a scale of 20 nm, the detection in STM of electron spin resonance in the microwave region and the investigation of quantum confinement and transport phenomena in both metallic and semiconducting nanostructures.

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