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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Signal transduction pathways and target genes in vertebrate neural induction


Advances in developmental biology depend on the application of a wide range This project explores the molecular basis of neural induction in the techniques, including experimental embryology, cell biology, vertebrate embryo. Recent work has demonstrated that ectodermal cells biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics. Few laboratories have all differentiate as neural tissue if signalling by BMP family members is inhibited. Indeed, noggin and chordin, two candidate neural inducing these approaches at their disposal, and as a result training in developmental biology (as well as scientific progress) is compromised factors, function by inhibiting BMP signalling. Our proposal aims to understand the mechanism by which BMP's inhibit neural cell types and, unless suitable collaborators are found. The members of this Network combine all the above techniques. As a result, we can train young conversely, how noggin and chordin induce them. We plan first to investigate the signalling ranges of BMP's and of their inhibitors; any researchers in a range of disciplines that would otherwise be unavailable to them. Such researchers would then be well placed to go on to make true neural inducer should act over several cell diameters. In this connection we shall also analyse the phenotype of zebrafish embryos mutant significant contributions to developmental biology. in chordin. transduction pathway, including BMP receptors and members of the Smad family, as well as newly-discovered transcription factors which interact with Smad proteins. BMP signalling activates the expression of genes such as Xom and Mix. 1, and we shall investigate how regulation of these genes occurs. We intend also to identify novel genes whose expression is regulated by BMP's, to identify downstream targets of these and of Xom and Mix. 1, and to study the consequences of blocking the functions.

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