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Surface photochemistry


At the start of the network operations a school will be held to train There are striking differences between the photochemistry of free and adsorbed molecules. The basic underlying reasons are connected with the participating postdoctoral fellows and students in surface photochemistry and heterogeneous atmospheric reactions to initiate cross fertilization. creation of new electronic states, new excitation and de-excitation channels and the dramatically different life times of excited states for adsorbateSubsequently each group will train two postdoctoral fellows. The personnel exchange between groups will be arranged. Workshops will be held for all substrate systems. This fact is at the root of key processes in atmospheric network members (including students) at the end of the first and the second reactions on particulates, astrochemistry, etching, lithography, carbon gasification, photolytic water decomposition. For example, the absorption year. In the final year a symposium will be held to transfer knowledge cross section for decomposition of water in the near ultraviolet is serveral obtained in the surface science community to atmospheric scientists. The orders of magnitude higher when the water is adsorbed on a Pd-metal surface results obtained will be summarised in a single review article. than for free water or ice. This fact can have consequences for heterogeneous photochemical reactions in the atmosphere, which to date have not been studied at all. This proposal aims at a concerted effort to deepen our knowledge of surface photochemistry of small molecules in general and to use this knowledge to study atmospherically relevant heterogeneous surface photochemistry of water (co-) adsorbed on carbonaceous materials (corbon, soot,...) metal oxides and other atmospherically relevant substrates. Interesting co-adsorbates are NOx, ozone, halogen ans sulphur containing molecules.

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