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Process industries diagnostic experiments

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PRIDE is to contribute to improving the performance of the European Process Industries, through establishing the basis for a broader application of Model-Based Diagnosis (MBD). PRIDE validates the benefits of MBD on selected industrial applications, including chemicals manufacture, energy generation, water treatment, gas pumping stations and nuclear fuel production. Furthermore, PRIDE contributes to methodological guidelines to enable rapid and relatively cheap applications in other companies, at other plants, and in other sectors of the process industries. The products to be commercialised will include: - Embedded solutions in the latest DCS and SCADA offerings. - Generic software toolkits comprising the PRIDE products (led by Cogsys). - Software bridges that enable full use of the generic PRIDE Toolset on the portable G2 platform (led by COMPUTAS), and the Cogsys platform (led by Cogsys). - The training and teaching of the methodological approach developed by Heriot-Watt University. - The training and teaching of the use of the PRIDE toolset. Most of the Generic User Requirements from the project have been successfully tested in the Unilever application in the at-line phase.