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Dissemination co-ordination for Omi


The overall objective of the DISCOMI project is to improve the visibility of OMI in general and of its commercially available results in particular to the widest possible audience through the facilitation and co-ordination of various dissemination measures.

The strategic objective will be implemented through the following actions:

- Definition of an overall OMI dissemination strategy;
- Consolidation and strengthening of the OMI position in its "home market" Western Europe through dissemination attendance at major OMI-related events;
- Active identification of prospects for OMI products in Eastern Europe;
- Organisation of an OMI Conference;
- Selection of events for dissemination actions to attract the widest possible audience relevant to OMI and organisation of concerted OMI presence at such events;
- Widespread publication and feedback of results from these events to the OMI constituency.
Additionally, internal dissemination is necessary to ensure that OMI will operate as a focused cluster rather than as a set of more or less related projects. This second strategic objective will be supported through:

- Maintenance and publication of contact databases;
- Organisation of 2 OMI concertation meetings (during events mentioned above);
- Periodical publications such as newsbriefs.
The tactical implementation of this dissemination strategy will ensure an optimal transfer of information between OMI participants on the one side and the global market place on the other, in addition to information transfer among the OMI participants themselves.
This dissemination is in addition to the general promotion and PR of the OMI programme which is one of the objectives of OMIMO (OMI Management Office) with which DISCOMI will work together closely.

Likewise, there will be close co-operation with other related dissemination activities: IUN2, the Inter University Network (to which the DISCOMI co-ordinating partner Toditec is a full partner), and the various standards promotion projects within OMI (for which OMIMO is co-ordinator) will both work closely with DISCOMI. DISCOMI is a special accompanying measure to the OMI programme. As such there will be no direct exploitation of results by DISCOMI partners. Rather, DISCOMI will make available resources to the OMI programme and to other OMI projects to help them promote the OMI results to the widest possible audience.

DISCOMI as such is a valorisation of the experience gained in the OMIDIS project, which to a large extent provided the same sort of services to the OMI programme and in which the main DISCOMI partners have participated successfully.
In addition, DISCOMI will break new ground especially in the opening up of new markets, which has only become possible after the "home market" has been well covered by initiatives like OMIDIS.

Funding Scheme

EST - Marie Curie actions-Early-stage Training


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