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Total environment fab waste gas management via networked and monitored escape disposal systems


- To evaluate the emission of waste-gas of Al, TiN/Al, and SiO dry etching processes using CF4, CHF3, C2F6, BCl3, Cl2, SiCl4.

- To evaluate waste-gas emission of SiO, PSG and SiN CVD using SiH, PH3 ,TEOS, DCS, NH3

- To assess and minimise the cost of ownership of above mentioned disposal processes based on network data collection by ESCAPE-NET.

The performance of a monitored network of DAS ESCAPE waste gas abatement systems will be assessed in the production line of the IC manufacturer ZMD.
Four critical disposal processes have been selected to demonstrate the technical performance of the networked ESCAPE system under production conditions, together with the cost advantage of monitored networks of abatement systems over the same number of independently used ones.


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