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Enhancement of electronic system design by EMC adviser system


- Higher hardware quality

- Quantifiable EMC quality control: A design integrity meter is used to graphically show if the hardware system design conforms with EMC requirements.

- Reduced development cycles (= costs) and increased competitive advantages: Backed up by EESD procedure, the new finished products can be launched and placed on the market much faster, having a positive effect on customer response and product acceptance. - Easy handling of EMC Adviser tool: The handling of the tool is easy to understand, the more so, as a rule-based Expert System is used in lieu of customary simulators.

- Enhanced motivation and increasing productivity/profitability: As the planning of project sequences improves and results are fairly predicted, the design engineer and associated staff become more highly motivated. Iterations after the testing phase are avoided.

The EESD project aims to improve the HWDC (hardware design cycle) by integrating a method of handling EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) problems as early as possible in the design and implementation phases. For the improvement of design efficiency, the proposed method deals with rule-based EMC evaluation. Bizerba expects to integrate the commercial EMC Adviser tool into the HWDC to avoid any costly, time-consuming and EMC-induced redesigns of the products. This is an essential prerequisite for expediently translating the developments into products ready for the market. These expected benefits result in a significant competitive advantage, especially in relation to Far East and South East Asian producers.

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